Blitz All-Nighter

An all-night middle school church event in Des Moines on 11/2/18

Q: What date is Blitz?

A: Friday, November 2, 2018

Q: Who can go to Blitz?

A: Blitz is an event for any middle school-aged (6th-8th grade) student in central Iowa. All students attend Blitz with a church group. If students would like to come to Blitz but are not connected with a church group, you can email Heather to learn how to register.

Q: I want to sign up my son or daughter for Blitz. What should I do?

A: If your church group is attending Blitz, please contact your own youth pastor about signing up. Each church has their own process for how students should register. Email Heather for any other questions about registration.

Q: I am a middle school youth pastor or youth leader at my church and want more info about registering my group for Blitz but I can't access the "Youth Leaders" page.

A: Email Heather to get a special password to access the Youth Leaders page, which contains tons of behind-the-scenes info to help your group successfully participate in Blitz.

Q: What grade must students be in to attend Blitz?

A: Talk to your youth pastor. Most churches bring 6th-8th grade students or 7th-8th grade students, depending on what grades are included in your church's middle school or junior high ministry.

Q: What time is Blitz?

A: For students attending Blitz with the Valley Middle School Ministry, the event is from 8 PM on Friday until 8 AM on Saturday. If you are attending Blitz with a church group besides Valley Middle School, your start and end time may be different. Talk to your youth leader for more information.

Q: How much does Blitz cost?

A: Ask your youth pastor or youth leader.

Q: Should I eat a full dinner before I come to Blitz?

A: Yes, students should come to Blitz on a full stomach. It would not be fun to show up hungry to an all-night event! Students need to have energy to sustain them throughout the entire 12-hour event. Eating a good meal and drinking lots of water before they come will help with that.

Q: Will there be food at Blitz?

A: Students will be given pizza around 10 PM. They will also be given a snack around 4:00 am and then a light breakfast will be served when they return to Valley Church for the 8:00 am pick up. That food will be covered by the registration fee.

Q: Should I bring extra money to Blitz?

A: The registration fee will cover all expenses for the night but students are welcome to bring extra money to purchase snacks and beverages at certain venues.

Q: Should I bring anything else to Blitz?

A: Students may want to bring a drawstring bag to store their extra money, extra shirts (boys may want to do this so they don’t have to wear the same sweaty shirt all night…the girl students and adult leaders would highly appreciate it), a small stick of deoderant, a bottle of water and other simple “all-night survival” items.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Students MUST wear tennis shoes and socks to Blitz. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes, keeping in mind that they will be traveling on buses and getting hot and sweaty throughout the night.

Q: Should I bring my cell phone to Blitz?

A: Students can bring their cell phones at their own risk.

Q: Can I come late to Blitz or leave early?

A: You must work that out with your own youth pastor or youth leader.

Q: Can I sleep during Blitz?

A: We do our best to keep Blitz high-energy so students don’t get sleepy. We will be moving around all night! However, students are welcome to sleep at venues as physical space permits at those locations. It probably won’t be a comfortable or quiet sleep environment.

Q: Can I use roller blades instead of roller skates at Skate West? 

A: Skate West only has skates available for rent (which is included in the Blitz registration fee), but you can bring your own roller blades if you choose.